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Practical Christianity Foundation is a not-for-profit research Foundation committed to producing an easy-to-read Devotional Commentary Series on the books of the Bible. As a not-for-profit research Foundation, our goal is to serve the global community in matters of faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ by producing the Holy Scriptures in an easy-to-read and easy-to-comprehend presentation packaged in conveniently designed individual paperback volumes.

Our Devotional Commentaries are also available in digital/ebooks compatible with mobile devices for purchase in Kindle and Epub formats.

Please check back often for new Weekly Devotionals and Bible Commentaries.

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PCF Devotional Commentaries

Genesis volume 2, chapters 12-25:10 Devotional Study

Genesis volume 2, chapters 12-25:10

– Abraham, the friend of God
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Genesis volume 1, chapters 1-11 Devotional Study

Genesis volume 1, chapters 1-11

In the beginning – Volume One chapters 1-11
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Complete New Testament Devotional Study

Complete New Testament

– Take your favorite New Testament Devotional on your favorite device wherever you go!
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Matthew Devotional Study


The King's Ransom –
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The Gospel of Mark Devotional Study

The Gospel of Mark

Jesus Christ: love in action –
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The Gospel Of Luke Devotional Study

The Gospel Of Luke

Jesus Christ: Savior for the Nations – The Light of salvation for all the nations
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The Gospel of John Devotional Study

The Gospel of John

The Word Made Flesh –
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The General Epistles Devotional Study

The General Epistles

A Practical Faith – Are we truly able to
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Acts Devotional Study


The Holy Spirit at work –
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Romans Devotional Study


Hope of the nations –
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1st Corinthians Devotional Study

1st Corinthians

Correcting the Church –
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2nd Corinthians Devotional Study

2nd Corinthians

Empowering the Church –
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1st & 2nd Corinthians Devotional Study

1st & 2nd Corinthians

Bible Commentary on Paul's letters to the Corinthians –
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Galatians Devotional Study


Guiding the Church –
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Ephesians Devotional Study


Guiding the Believer –
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Philippians Devotional Study


Encouraging the Believer –
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Colossians Devotional Study


Assuring the Believer –
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1st and 2nd Thessalonians Devotional Study

1st and 2nd Thessalonians

Affirming the Believer –
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Galatians through 2nd Thessalonians Devotional Study

Galatians through 2nd Thessalonians

Paul's Letters to Churches – Guiding the Church
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1st Timothy through Philemon Devotional Study

1st Timothy through Philemon

Paul's Letters to Christian Workers – Guiding the Servant
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Hebrews Devotional Study


Jesus Christ, Redemption Accomplished –
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James Devotional Study


A Practical Faith –
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1st and 2nd Peter Devotional Study

1st and 2nd Peter

Confirming the faith –
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1st, 2nd, and 3rd John Devotional Study

1st, 2nd, and 3rd John

Reflecting the Love of God –
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The Letter of Jude Devotional Study

The Letter of Jude

Contending For The Faith –
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Revelation Devotional Study


Revelation: Tribulation and Triumph – Fourth Edition
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Daniel Devotional Study


In God I trust – Go with Daniel far beyond the lion's den
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