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Practical Christianity Foundation is comprised of a collaborative team of writers, content editors, transcribers, researchers, readers, and other contributors whose goal is to convey the truth of Scripture through verse-by-verse devotional studies. Our effort in writing the Devotional Commentaries is not for personal recognition or acclamation but simply as a means to uphold and fulfill the greater purpose of the foundation’s mission statement, which is “to exalt the Holy Name of God Almighty by declaring the redemptive message of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to the lost global community and equipping the greater Christian community through the communication of the Holy Word of God in its entirety through every appropriate means available.”

May we share some of the comments we have received from our readers? We also welcome your comments and feedback.

"My family and I enjoy this book series, including "Revelation" because it presents information:

  1. in manageable groupings for better understanding,
  2. presents varying opinions and any supporting evidence and
  3. are written in everyday language.

Very helpful in our Bible study."

  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Value: 5 out of 5
  • Meets Expectations: 5 out of 5

Lesley C,
Palm Beach, FL

posted on Christianbook.com book review.

“If you seek transformation of your spirit that will deepen your walk with Yeshua and empower you to be bold as a follower of His Truth, PCF’s commentary on Paul’s Letters to Churches is for you. Read, meditate, transform…. Let this commentary allow you to have fellowship with the Father through the writings of Paul. It will transform those who embrace the truth.
It has done just that for me!"
Timothy N. Daley, Ph.D.

“The book of Daniel has been for many a difficult book to understand. Finally, a down-to-earth devotional on Daniel that is practical, relevant, and so easy to grasp and apply to one's life. Thank you!”
Josh D. McDowell

“Daniel: In God I Trust is an exceptional verse-by-verse commentary combining biblical truth with daily life application that is remarkably easy to understand. Bible scholars or anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and love for the Lord will find this book to be extremely beneficial. I can't wait to read their devotional works on the other books of the Bible.”
Dr. Charles F. Stanley
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

“This chapter by chapter and verse-by-verse exegesis of the wonderful prophetic work of Daniel-in itself one of the most readable books of the Bible-is a triumph. This major collaborative undertaking provides a format for devotional study that challenges any other work of its kind. For any reader with a thirst for irrefutable Bible knowledge, this scholarly but practical approach to the study of Daniel is enthusiastically recommended.”
The late D. James Kennedy, Ph.D
Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

John: The Word Made Flesh, “…a warm and reader-friendly work which explores the beauty and the bounty of the fourth gospel."
Dr. Kenneth Gangel
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dallas Theological Seminary

“PCF's newest devotional on the second Gospel, the book of Mark, is most helpful in its practical and scholarly coverage in a verse-by-verse study, coupled with thoughtful insights. Written in a conversational manner, it gives the reader a flowing and refreshing review of the life of Christ. Thank you for this great contribution to the building up of the Body of Christ.”
Dr. Gilbert A. Peterson,
Chancellor, Lancaster Bible College

“Any commentary that stimulates you to look at the Word of God, pray over it, think about it and meditate on it, and as a result, makes you love Jesus Christ more than ever before, should be encouraged. This commentary does just that. I pray that you, the reader, will grow in your faith, in your joy, and in your commitment to sharing the Good News with those who haven't heard.”
Luis Palau
World Evangelist

“… a credible, honest, sincere, and engaging study…challenging to the scholar, appealing to the skeptic, and nurturing to the seeking.”
Josh McDowell

“The book you hold in your hands is no dry seminary text, nor is it a feel-good, self-help devotional. There is a wealth of information here, presented in a clear accessible writing style that makes this commentary a great read for new believers and seasoned theologians alike. Luke’s Gospel is examined not in a vacuum, but in the context of the totality of Scripture where frequent references to supporting verses serve as road signs, assuring the reader that he is on the right road. This commentary informs and delights.”
Duane Roelands
Former Christ-hating atheist

I've really enjoyed Mark: Jesus Christ, Love in Action.  It's helped me to disciple Liam, a 17-year-old Kenyan student, through my work on the internet as a volunteer missionary with Global Outreach  Media. Liam comes from an impoverished home.  His parents are divorced, he can't afford school, there are no jobs, and his eyesight is poor. But he believes in Jesus, and wants to grow in Him.  His dad gave him a laptop, and when he is able to get on the internet, we've had some great conversations.  I get to challenge him, and vice versa.  He asks penetrating questions as we've been studying Mark's Gospel, and I've gained valuable insight through the common-sense explanations found in your very readable commentary. My dream for Liam is that he becomes a strong witness for Christ, and possibly can attend a school like Kenya's Daystar University someday, where his quick mind and incisive thinking can be used for the glory of God. Thanks for all the good work you've done on the Practical Christianity Foundation commentaries. Blessings,
Rick Knox
Partnership Developer
Partnership Development Team
International Teams

What a privilege to be part of the PCF family!
Holly Duncan

"... I read the sample text you forwarded to me  with interest and attention.  ... I found the text to be coherent, comprehensive and more importantly, relevant to contemporary situations in the daily lives of all Christians.  As it is, the Book of Revelation is one of the most difficult portions of the Bible.  I feel that commentaries
such as this one which put John's Revelation in the context of      present realities and in connection with other portions of the old and the new testaments is very essential. God bless"
Adanech Chekol
Waterloo Canada

“WOW! I hope the rest of the upcoming series is just as good as this one. A great personal or group study tool with appropriate application to real life today. No denominational slants at all, just Scripture.”

“I am very impressed with what I have read so far. I prefer books with some substance as opposed to the current trends out in the marketplace, and it appears you are publishing books of that nature.”

What a blessing! This commentary is one of the most user-friendly commentaries I have been ever privileged to use. It is especially helpful in helping the user determine exactly what the Scriptures … teach. You are led to come to your own conclusions. It is written in a devotional style that makes it very friendly to use for your day-by-day personal devotional time and yet it is scholarly and informative. Since several different points of view are presented it can be used by the entire body of Christ without fear of being unduly influenced by any one particular doctrinal viewpoint.
Nancy Hawblitzel
San Clemente, CA

Do you lean toward any certain denomination? I personally do not and I love the book Revelation, Tribulation and Triumph and plan on getting the whole series that you have, but sometimes I feel I need to know the authors denomination to see where some commentaries are coming from. That will not stop me from buying your books because I feel we are on the same page anyway no matter what the denomination. Thanks, and God Bless your ministry. In God we still trust.
Daniel Deckard

I bought several books, from Mark-Rev, at a Christian bookstore in Sacramento Ca. I love to read it very much. I wish that I would like to buy whole series of books (commentary) from Gen. to Rev. My question is when the company will release other new books. I would appreciate to know about that. Thank you.

I am enjoying John The Word Made Flesh. I am looking forward to getting a copy of I&2 Timothy, so please add my email address to send me news of your new publications. Thank you so much. A "Sista" in Christ,
Paulette Frederick
San Diego, CA

Are there any plans to expand the PCF series into other books of the Bible? I love this series...
Douglas Thomas

Hey! I just wanted to say in the last few days i have found your books <pcf> an i was wondering how many more will be put in the series, like the rest of the bible Old/New, I think they are just great an i would love to see them done of the whole bible. I'm sending one to my sister in IL. I have all that is out right now. Please let me know on this. Thanks so very much for what has been done so far with the series.
A fan in Christ.
Victoria Coppage
Wichita Kansas

I just got done using your study guide for the book of Daniel. It was very helpful and well written. I plan on moving on to Romans next and will buy your study guide. I see you only have a handful of study guides that go through the books verse by verse. Where there more in the past, or plans for more in the future? I'd buy a study guide to go with every book in the bible if you published them. I found your guide helpful. Thanks
Tamara Mcintyre

I really like the commentaries. Do you plan on expanding the collection? Thanks,
Ralph Halladay

I will be leading a ladies' Bible study on the book of Revelation beginning August 16 at our church, Hunter's Glen Baptist Church. I have been studying your commentary, "Revelation, Tribulation and Triumph", from "The Easy-To-Read Commentary Series" and there are two pages of questions I would really like to copy to use in our study. Thank you so much.
Dale McGilvray

I am a Sunday School teacher for a group of a mostly senior citizens. Some who are younger have decided to attend. Next Sunday, September 3, 2006, we will be starting a study of the Gospel of Mark. I have purchased a copy of PCF's commentary on Mark: Jesus Christ, Love In Action. I want to know if I may quote the Introduction of this volume for the beginning of this class. Thank you very much.
Stephen Middaugh
Churubusco, Indiana

I would like to purchase the book titled: Romans Hope of the Nations. Will you please tell me where to purchase the book? Thanks so much for your help. Peggy Arbogast

I want to know if there is a commentary series book for Acts like Romans hope of the nations?
Pat Rosser
Ormond Beach, Florida.

I just saw a copy of Daniel, In God I Trust. Could you tell me if there are more books in this series. If so, are they available, and where can they be purchased and how much. Thank You.
Ann Cunningham
Reading, PA

Do you have any commentaries of Paul's letters in the works?
Reggie Parsons

Do you have Daniel’s commentary, Revelation and 1 Corinthians? I am also looking for more info on Practical Christianity Foundation. Thanks.
Rachel Stevenson
Whitaker PA.

My bible group would like to order your Devotional Commentary on The General Epistles ISBN 1932587470 for our next study. We have completed Daniel and Mark. Can you give me information whether I can order in this manner, for 15 books? Thank you!
Connie Wilson
Lakeway Texas

I would like to purchase the most recent PCF Book, Matthew. Is it still possible to purchase direct? I have purchased direct in the past. Thanks!

I am looking for a bible study on Luke and was wondering if you have the Devotional series 'easy to read' for Luke? Thanks!
Kim Endress

I have been looking for PCF study guide Devotional Commentary books. Can I order direct from you? Thanks.
Marie Waters

I enjoyed very much the commentary book on Daniel. Do you have one available for Ezekiel? Thanks.
Cal Roth

I was able to find 6 Copies of Revelation Tribulation and Triumph by PCF in the Christian Store Outlet. I would like to have 6 more. Can I get them direct? What is the cost?
Loretta K. Patterson
Chicago IL

I was just wanting to know some more information about your PCF (Easy to Read Commentary) Series of books. I have found 7 books in the series (have not purchased yet) but wanted to know if it is your plan to do a commentary on every book of the Bible, and if so, what kind of time frame are these likely to be released in? My desire is to get a commentary series for my Library, but I really am looking for a complete Bible series at some point. Thank you for your response.
DeLane McCurry
Pinson, AL

Are there any more of the Easy-To-Read Commentaries coming out soon?
Glen Spencer

When will the PCF series of Acts come out? Thank you.
Ron Meyer
Littleton CO

I am writing a report on the Trinity, and want to quote page 367 of the book Revelation: Tribulation and Triumph, Practical Christianity Foundation(2004). ISBN#1932587462. Thanks,
Clyde Dishong

Is the commentary on Daniel available in Spanish?
May Stehfest

We have thoroughly enjoyed your book, Revelation: Tribulation and Triumph. We were
wondering if it is available in Spanish. Thank you in advance for your help.
Alicia Torres

I am a preacher from Davao City, Philippines. Aside from holding pastorate I am directing a two-year curriculum Bible School. Can I request some of your PCF series of Commentaries? I know that there are publishers that give books as compliments. If given the chance, I will take good care of the books because we are not owners, only managers. Thank you for your help.
Pastor Pat
Davao City, Philippines

Dear Friends:
I recently had occasion to use your commentary on the book of Romans that I had purchased a year or so ago in Tulsa, OK. I have a few requests. I'm interested in possibly obtaining other titles. Could you send me a catalog or list of your materials, especially commentaries? The material I did use was greatly appreciated in the preparation of a sermon for the church I pastor. Thank you for doing this work.
Rev. Kenton L. Troyer, Pastor
2 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture Is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness..

No ordinary series of Devotional Commentary
The Practical Christianity Foundation has masterfully assembled a comprehensive set of Bible study texts. Chapter by chapter and verse by verse, the text, annotations and cross references provide serious readers with a comprehensive and insightful biblical study guide. As a scientist, I appreciate and am impressed by the scholarly approach taken by the Practical Christianity Foundation in the series of Devotional Commentaries. These works provide their readers with a continuous opportunity to learn and handsomely enrich their spiritual lives. What a magnificent collection of works are being developed by the Practical Christianity Foundation.
Dale O. Cloninger, D.B.A.
Professor, Finance & Economics, School of Business & Public Administration
University of Houston-Clear Lake Houston, Texas

How interesting you have made your commentaries. Bible study has become easier and
is truly the glorious time of day for me. Thank you for devoting your keen knowledge and at the same time keeping it curious enough to Dig Deeper. I look forward to your remaining books.
Warm Regards,
Sally Williams Crumbley
Holiday, Florida

Finally, an encouraging Bible study material I can truly depend on. Thank you PCF.

Can we truly study and understand the Bible? PCF has made it possible for me. Thanks!

The PCF Devotional Commentaries are not only easy to read, but also make the Bible easily understandable. That is why I like them and recommend them to everyone.
D. Grace Mekonnen

Thank you! PCF for your work on the Gospel of Mark. I am encouraged even more to personally set time aside to study the Bible because of what I learned after reading the Commentary on Mark. It is a must read and must own volume to everyone claiming to be a Christian.
Taddelech Nigussie

September 15. 2005
Thank you for the inscribed books. I appreciate your kind gesture and thoughtfulness. Laura and I send our best wishes. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.
President George W. Bush

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