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Practical Christianity Foundation is a not-for-profit research Foundation committed to producing an easy-to-read Devotional Commentary Series on the books of the Bible. As a not-for-profit research Foundation, our goal is to serve the global community in matters of faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ by producing the Holy Scriptures in an easy-to-read and easy-to-comprehend presentation packaged in conveniently designed individual paperback volumes.

Our Devotional Commentaries are also available in digital/ebooks compatible with mobile devices for purchase in Kindle and Epub formats. More books are added until the set is complete!

Please check back often for new Weekly Devotionals and Bible Commentaries.

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PCF Devotional Commentaries

Galatians Devotional Study


Guiding the Church –
$5.99 Buy Now »

Hebrews Devotional Study


Jesus Christ, Redemption Accomplished – Jesus Christ: Supreme in all things.
$16.99 Buy Now »

In The Eyes Of Luke The Evangelist Devotional Study

In The Eyes Of Luke The Evangelist

A Christmas special – Luke tells the greatest story about the birth of our Savior and the Church, His Body!
$30.98 Buy Now »

Acts Devotional Study


The Holy Spirit at work –
$7.99 Buy Now »

Philippians Devotional Study


Encouraging the Believer –
$5.99 Buy Now »

Acts Devotional Study


The Holy Spirit at work –
$12.99 Buy Now »

The Christmas Story Devotional Study

The Christmas Story

A Christmas special – Matthew and Luke: telling the greatest story ever!
$20.98 Buy Now »

The_Gospel_of_Matthew Devotional Study


The King's Ransom –
$6.99 Buy Now »

Colossians Devotional Study


Assuring the Believer –
$5.99 Buy Now »

ACTS Devotional Study


Bible Commentary on Acts – The Gospel is spreading
$19.99 Buy Now »

The_Gospel_of_Luke Devotional Study


Jesus Christ: Savior for the Nations –
$6.99 Buy Now »

Ephesians Devotional Study


Guiding the Believer –
$5.99 Buy Now »

1st_and_2nd_Timothy_Titus_and_Philemon Devotional Study


Guiding the Servant –
$8.99 Buy Now »

The_Letter_of_James Devotional Study


A Practical Faith –
$7.99 Buy Now »

Revelation Devotional Study


Tribulation and Triumph –
$10.99 Buy Now »

1st_2nd_Peter Devotional Study


Confirming the faith –
$6.99 Buy Now »

1st_2nd_Thessalonians Devotional Study


Affirming the Believer –
$6.99 Buy Now »

Daniel Devotional Study


In God I trust – Go with Daniel far beyond the lion's den
$10.99 Buy Now »

1st_2nd_and_3rd_John Devotional Study


Reflecting the Love of God –
$7.99 Buy Now »

The_Gospel_of_Mark Devotional Study


Jesus Christ: love in action –
$10.99 Buy Now »

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