Did you know this about the book of Numbers? Devotional Commentary

By Practical Christianity Foundation, (PCF)

Did you know this about the book of Numbers?

The book of Numbers is the fourth book in the order of the Old testament books listed in the Bible. It is so titled because of the repeated mentioning of the numbers of the children of Israel and the record of the two major accounting of the people of Israel.

The first census was done at Mount Sinai when the children of Israel were incorporated as a kingdom of God's people under a theocracy with Moses at the helm. The second census was conducted at the end of the wanderings of the children of Israel in the wilderness due to their rebellion. In both cases, Israel had to be numbered to ascertain the nation's readiness for all the wars it had to fight in order to get to the promised land.

The book of Numbers is the record of Israel's national history as they wandered through the wilderness for forty years. Besides the national political, religious, cultural, and social affairs, its pages also record all the affairs of each tribe. It is in this book where we read Levi's separation out of the children of Israel to be God's special possession and was entrusted with the care and the service of the Tabernacle.

it is in the book of Numbers where we read the intricate complexities of the laws and history of the nation and its tribes. It is in the book of Numbers where we also read about the dedication of the Tabernacle, the rebellion and unbelief of the people, the settlement of the two tribes, and Israel's conquest over its enemies. Ultimately, we witness God's mighty work as He worked through the nation in fulfilling His promises.

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Did you know this about the book of Numbers?
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