Did you know this about Genesis? Devotional Commentary

By Practical Christianity Foundation, (PCF)

To anyone who is familiar with the Holy bible, the word Genesis brings to mind certain things we have read about God in the Bible. The book of Genesis is generally known as the book of beginnings, because many first-things including creation are recorded in its pages. However, a Spirit-led close study of Genesis reveals that this first book of the Holy Bible is more than, a lot more than, a record of beginnings.

Genesis introduces us to the sovereign God the Almighty through His work of creation and the unfolding of His Holiness, Righteousness, Majesty, Glory, Grace, Mercy, Justice, etc. We are given an astounding glimpse of God's will, purpose, and plan as we meditate upon the chapters and verses of this great book.

Certainly, because Genesis begins with the familiar phrase: "In the beginning", we hastily conclude that Genesis is simply the record of beginnings. However, if we, aided by the Holy Spirit, take time to deliberately meditate upon those words and wait for the Spirit's illumination of His own Word, we will learn that even those words alone clearly show that:

  • God is the only Creator of all of creation,
  • God is the only Owner of all things created, because there is nothing else created which is not created by Him,
  • God is the only Source of all things,
  • God is the only Sovereign over all things,
  • God is the only Authority over all things,
  • God is Life and the only source of life,
  • God is Light and the only source of light,
  • God is only God and there is no other and none like Him.
  • etc.
Genesis also shows us, not only the Power of God's spoken Word, but also the mystery of creation through which God the Almighty Creator brought creation into existence as an aspect of the unfolding of His glory, Power, Majesty, and sovereignty.

In Genesis, we see the complete picture of God's purpose, will, and plan. We learn of God's covenants. We observe God's mercy and judgment. We see God's holiness and His righteousness. We discover sin and man's rebellion. We come face-to-face with God's Law and His Grace. We learn that the end is pronounced in the unfolding of the beginning. We are assured of God's redemption.

In Genesis, we come face-to-face with God the sovereign Lord of all. In genesis, we come into God's presence. In Genesis, we learn that God is Truth and that His Word is Truth. In Genesis, we realize that there is Power in God's Word. In Genesis, we learn that God created time and that He is neither past nor future but the eternal present!

In Genesis, we meet Adam and Eve, their children, and their descendants. We meet Noah the lone faithful man of His time. we meet Abraham, the chosen faithful man obedient even unto the point of sacrificing his son, still believing that God is able and will fulfill His promises through the same son he was surrendering to God. We meet Abraham's descendants, including the line which ultimately leads to the One Seed through Whom Salvation came to the lost. We meet Joseph, God's chosen servant to fulfill His plan.

In Genesis, we learn about the great Flood, man's settlement of the earth, the formation of nations, the consequences of sin and the redeeming blessings of God's grace. In Genesis, we meet the Author of the only Living Word. Genesis is the Word of God and is, therefore, the Word of life. Meditate upon it day and night.

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Did you know this about Genesis?
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