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Forgiveness, personal or not?

In the two most recent articles on forgiveness,April 29and,May 6we emphasized the truth that forgiveness is God's gift to us—(offenders toward Him)—and that our role is to pass what we have received from God to those who trespass against us. But we feel that there is a more personal aspect of forgiveness that must not be left unaddressed, as the issue profoundly affects our relationship with one another.…

Forgiveness continued

In last week's, (April 29), Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus Third Edition and see what else we might learn about forgiveness from a non-theological source. This great repository of words and concepts, tells us forgiveness is synonymous with:Propitiation, Absolution, Forbearance, Ablution, Atonement, Expiation, Sanctification, Redemption, Salvation, Justification, Amnesty, Clemency, Compassion, Dispensation,…

Forgive! duty? Or, a way of life?

Some of our recent blogs addressed a few topics, which are commonly viewed as difficult subjects in our understanding of what it means to live as a Christian. These included: Disappointment/expectations, fear, living as a Christian,and submission to God. It is our hope and prayer that, reading the articles has encouraged you to think about the topics with a newer, more mature understanding. The difficulty…

Submiting To God?

While we make every effort to give a focused attention to the specific content of each blog, we admit that there are a few foundational truths which are common to all of our posts, giving our blogs that unique and unmistakable identity of a Christian article. It would not make sense to reiterate these basic truths in every article lest we reduce them into simple cliche. So, trusting the reasonable…

Living as a Christian? How do we do it? (Continued from April 8, 2015.)

(Continued from April 8, 2015.) As stated last week, the concept of Christ-likeness and Christian living is probably one of the most misunderstood principles of the Christian faith. We were also reminded that we are not and will never be “little Christs!” There is nothing in our lives that would make us a suitable sacrifice for the sins of others. Only Jesus could do that!The same article reminded…

Living as a Christian? How do we do it?

Christian living

One sure way to heal a broken heart!

Can a broken heart be healed? Yes! But most of us would like to ask why do we even come anywhere close to having a broken heart in the first place? Fair enough!Really! Why a broken heart? A broken heart is the bitter fruit of disappointment. Disappointment with what? Or is it, disappointment with who?It turns out often enough, our hearts are broken when we are disappointed with something or someone.…

Fear? How do we deal with it?

Fear? How do we deal with it? Do we just surrender to it, or respond to it, or react to it, or manage it, or actually overcome it?

Does God really love us? How do we know?

Even though we are Christians, at one time or another, most of us come to a point when we wonder if God really loves us. Even when we struggle on issues of faith and life, we still wonder at times whether God really cares enough to love us. We know from the Scriptures That God created all of creation and that He holds everything together and sustains all of creation. We also know that He alone is the…

Temptation, the reality which cannot be ignored

Face it and resist it, don't deny temptation.

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