Called to be holy! Devotional Commentary

By Practical Christianity Foundation, (PCF)

In last week’s article, we meditated on Psalm 15 where those who have been made worthy in Jesus Christ to live at God’s “Holy Hill” were described. David told us that those who live in God’s “Holy Hill” are: upright, righteous, truthful, sacrificial, respectful, and consistent. They avoid evil, do not take advantage at the expense of others, are not bribed and do not take bribe, are not slanderous, are not vengeful, etc. In other words, they are godly and imitate the character and person of Jesus Christ.

Those who have been made worthy in Jesus Christ to live in God’s “Holy Hill” have such characters not only because such attributes are godly, but also they are called to be holy even as God Who called them is holy. In Isaiah chapter six, we read about Isaiah’s encounter with God, his fear, cleansing, and commission to deliver God’s message to God’s people. Isaiah was in fear because he saw the Holiness and majesty of God with his corrupt eyes. But God mercifully cleansed Isaiah because He was preparing him for service. He finally called him to be His messenger to bring the Good News of God’s redemption to the children of Israel.

Nestled in the same chapter is, the thunderous conversation between the Seraphim regarding the Majesty and Glory of God the Almighty. One Seraphim says to another “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of His glory.” This was the conversation carried on among the angelic host in heaven at all times. What does the conversation among God’s people who have been made worthy in Jesus Christ look like here on earth? Does it in some way reflect God’s glory? Does it in some way declare His Majesty, Mercy, and Grace?

God calls those who have been made worthy in Jesus Christ to come into His holiness because He is holy. As holy people indwelt by the holy God, our behavior, conduct, and conversation should reflect the majesty, glory, and holiness of God. Called, made worthy, and sanctified to be holy, God's children are set apart to go into the world and declare the Good News of God's salvation to the lost. We are earthen vessels chosen for a glorious purpose.

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Called to be holy!
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