Forgiveness, personal or not? Devotional Commentary

By Practical Christianity Foundation, (PCF)

In the two most recent articles on forgiveness,April 29
May 6
we emphasized the truth that forgiveness is God's gift to us—(offenders toward Him)—and that our role is to pass what we have received from God to those who trespass against us. But we feel that there is a more personal aspect of forgiveness that must not be left unaddressed, as the issue profoundly affects our relationship with one another. So, why should we forgive, or better asked, if we can ignore the issue and don't bother with the offender, then why worry about forgiveness at all?

  • Forgiveness is obedience to God:

    God instructs us to forgive as He forgave us. We must obey Him in all things because He is our Creator, Redeemer, Father, Lord, and Master.

  • Forgiveness is the right thing to do:

    The Lord's instructions are always the right thing to do because they are given to us by the Righteous God.

  • Forgiveness promotes peace:

    Because forgiveness removes the reason for prolonging hostilities and makes room for godly peace in our own hearts, our demeanor and the manner in which we conduct ourselves as the witnesses of our Lord and Savior will be nurtured and become meaningfully significant to our life, service, and Christian witness.

  • Forgiveness sets us free:

    When we forgive, we will be free from the bondage of all the grudge we have been harboring up to the time we are liberated through godly forgiveness. Forgiveness breaks the chain of vengeful grudge-holding. Because of forgiveness, the energy we invest to nurse grudges will be now freely be available to bless, build, and serve the world at the will, purpose, and pleasure of our God.

  • Forgiveness cultivates godliness:

    When we forgive, we reflect godliness in our conduct and become peaceable, relatable, and generally good and godly individuals. We begin to reflect the person and character of Jesus Christ without the imposition of debilitating influences by people and circumstances.

  • Forgiveness draws us closer to God:

    When we forgive, God's work of forgiveness and restoration is flowing through us blessing others and enriching their lives with God's grace and mercy. Such surrendered life always pleases God. Note that we are not our own. We have been bought and paid-for by the precious blood of the Lamb of God.

  • Forgiveness fosters new meaning in our life:

    When we forgive as God forgave us, we are effectively resolving to disown the offense in favor of accepting the offender in God's grace and mercy. Ultimately, when we forgive, we have stopped taking the offense as a personal attack. There-in lies the secret to a godly victory over an external circumstance which comes into our lives with a potential to undermine our growth as God's redeemed children. If we know that we belong to God and that nothing or no one has any hold over us, then, we should stop giving a place of control over us to anyone or anything including trespasses against us by others.

Did you just read over the above sentence? Here is what we just said: If we know that we belong to God and that nothing or no one has any hold over us, then, we should stop giving a place of control over us to anyone or anything including trespasses against us by others.

A person set free by God's redeeming grace, has all the resources of God's merciful providence to withstand the temptation of viewing all actions by others as personal. We are no longer victims. We should learn to live as victors because Jesus Christ has overcome the world for us. through forgiveness, we will keep away any influence or hold over what belongs to God, our lives.

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Forgiveness, personal or not?
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